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The Legacy of Jimmy Simm's

Great food and drink, in a comfortable atmosphere meant for gathering with family and friends.  That's Jimmy Simm's.


Green Bay native Jim Simonet always loved to cook great food for friends and family, always paired with good wine or cocktails. 


For decades he dreamed of someday owning a good restaurant where people could gather to enjoy each other's company.  He even named it....and inspired the creation of Jimmy Simm's.

Jim was a WWII Veteran, a hard working father, and always gave back to the community.  Although he was not able to realize his dream, today his daughter Dianne and grandson James are proud to make Jimmy Simm's a reality.  A place to eat, drink and celebrate. 


Early in his career, Jim worked for the Green Bay Press Gazette and was good friends with Vince Lombardi, thus the history of this particular location (one of Vince's favorites) makes this place even more special.  We hope you agree.  

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